Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sacred activism

This week is 'turn off your TV week" and quite honestly, I didn't care. I had tivo'd Gossip Girl, poured a glass of wine, and was ready to indulge. My cable box decided to adhere to the Earth day mandate, and shut down. Thus, I turned to a magazine I had picked up at GroundWork, my local coffee shop by work.

A few excerpts from "When You Wake Up" From Whole Life Times, a free (!) publication in the L.A. area.

"...how the environmental movement might benefit from combining 'the mystic's fire of passion for God with the activist's fire of passion for justice.'"

..."It is an attempt to bring into the core of human affairs the direct passion of the divine feminine for equality, harmony and justice in every realm and on every level. At its essence, it is revolutionary."

"We need also to give up the narcissistic belief that the divine will do everything for us, whatever we do. The divine cannot force us to choose life and hope. I am not at all interested in airy-fairy dissociative spirituality. We have no time for that kind of fancy indulgence now. We have to step up and become spiritual adults and work out with the divine consciously, passionately and humbly. This is a quantum leap and will involve an ending of denial, an acceptance of the need for profound transformation and the willingness to pay the price for that transformation and be responsible to the work in the real world that it demands."

Interview of Andrew Harvey by Jamie Friddle, Whole Life Times

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