Monday, October 29, 2007

Tell the truth: "We have decided..."

Lately "tell the truth" has become my mantra on a personal level, as I struggle to be who I am, releasing "shoulds" and outside expectations, embracing who I am, and what I have to say.

This article reminded me of the extreme measures some must take to live out and tell the truth.

Some excerpts from "We have decided to take your life" by journalist Abukar Albadri:

"Over the years, I've watched governments and authorities come and go. Warlords, Islamic courts, transitional governments. One thing stays the same: When new groups rise to power, they attack the media.

Today journalists who have dedicated their lives to telling the stories of Somalia find themselves caught between suicidal insurgents and the blazing guns of the transitional government's mad soldiers. Each is trying to make the media its puppet.

This year the government has arrested more than 50 journalists; eight remain behind bars. Officials have attempted to close media outlets and have imposed laws that restrict the activities of reporters. Somalia is the second deadliest country in the world for journalists, after Iraq, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists."

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