Thursday, February 01, 2007

Youth Voice in Mitrovica

In the midst of the publicized talks regarding the UN and the future of Kosova, life moves forward, and friends I know over there continue to work toward a peaceful resolution.

Check out this month's newsletter from Mercy Corps. I was excited to see a feature about Youth Voice, a magazine created by and for the youth in Mitrovica. I went to a meeting held by its leader, my friend Luli, where I met Safet and Luma, who I wrote about earlier in the blog. We ended up meeting once a week for English/Albanian lessons, and have kept in touch since. It's so good to see the picture of Luli (in a suit!!! which I had never seen on him, artist and filmmaker that he is) and Safet sitting next to him.

"Mitrovica/Mitrovicë, Kosovo - This is a city divided by a river, by walls topped with sharp razor wire, by heavily armed soldiers and, most of all, by ethnic discord. Some regional analysts have derided the place as "a dead city."

Dozens of area youth disagree - and they're helping compose the city's critical next chapter through the power of the written word." - by Roger. O Burks, Jr.

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