Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SOS - Children's Villages

Check out this organization -- I learned about their work through my news search about Kosovo, they have a village in Pristina, where they are dedicated to serving children, with no regard to ethnicity or current political situation. I'm impressed with their vision of creating real homes and families for orphaned children:


"SOS Children’s Villages was founded in 1949 in response to the needs of the many children left orphaned and abandoned after World War II. The original concept is still working today, over 55 years later, to provide children who have lost their parents or who are no longer able to live with them a loving home and a stable environment in which they can thrive. ...

Girls and boys of differing ages grow up together in an SOS Children's Village family like brothers and sisters. Natural brothers and sisters are not separated. Children are accepted from small babies until the age of ten unless there are brothers and sisters involved, in which case the children could be older.

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