Thursday, February 01, 2007

Future of Kosova

After years of UN administration and hopes for final status, tomorrow UN special envoy Martii Ahtisaari will officially announce his plan. A few of my friends who are there as aid workers are poised to evacuate if the announcement should incite fighting or war.

According to Douglas Hamilton writing for Reuters,

A summary of Ahtisaari's plan seen by Reuters confirms that Ahtisaari will avoid recommending independence by name, and will not refer to Serbian sovereignty, which Belgrade insists the United Nations cannot violate by amputating Kosovo.

It will, however, make clear that Kosovo will not return to Serbian rule and will obtain legal status that permits other countries to eventually recognise it as an independent state.

"Passage of a (U.N.) resolution would create a platform for Kosovo to declare independence and those countries minded to do so would recognise that," said a Western diplomat.

"The Serbs would have to accept the loss of Kosovo, the Kosovars would have to accept a continued international presence, significant limitations on their sovereignty and a very generous package of rights for the Kosovo Serbs..."

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