Wednesday, December 06, 2006

School Day 24: Mitrovica, Kosovo

School Day 24, taking place on 6 December, is all about linking schools across conflicts, tensions and divides.

Building bridges

Everywhere children who have inherited mistrust, dogma and even hatred from the older generation will have the chance to talk openly with children from "the other side".

Children from Moscow and Chechnya will have the chance to discuss their different attitudes to the conflict. There are also link-ups between Israelis and Palestinians; Indians and Pakistanis; Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo; Iranians and Americans; Sinhalese and Tamils. -- By Jasper Bouverie
Co-ordinator, School Day 24

Mitrovica -- the city where I lived in Kosovo was chosen. Students from both sides of the river found they have a lot more in common that they have been taught.

Question from Serbian Ivana at Kosovska Mitrovica Gimnazija to Albanian student, Fjolla

What are the most popular books and the greatest music hits?

Fjolla : The music that is listened to by the youth in south Mitrovica is rock music, rap music, all kinds of music. But the most popular for now is rock music. I read love stories and science fiction. My favourite book is Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

Question from Albanian Albana at Frang Bardhi High School to Serbian student, Maja

Would you be able to invite us to talk with you?

Maja : Yes, of course, if we had an opportunity to meet up with you here or in your area, we would do it. And we would be glad to see you and to work with you together in a group. And that's all.

Question from Albanian Fjolla at Frang Bardhi High School to Serbian student, Ivana

What do you think would have been different if we were together in the same place today?

Ivana : Talking is different when you are talking to someone like I am trying to do now. But we do not have another solution, so... so... we are talking like this. Talking is easier of course when you're able to look at someone.

But any solution is good when you have no choice.

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