Monday, September 25, 2006

Litter Will Be Provided

I can't believe it -- I missed the Santa Monica Cat Show. Again.

I recently moved back to L.A., which is my best excuse as to why I have not posted anything for weeks. But I moved too late - the cat show was in late August. What other show can advertise using: "All entries must be free of fungus and parasites," "Litter will be provided," and my personal favorite: "There will be a special rosette awarded for the best decorated cage in the show theme of: TIKI TIME!"

I must have pictures of that cage.

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Christina said...

"Jack Chases Sparrows" came in a dismal fourth last week in Albuquerque. v. sad. His therapist thinks it's an environmental sensitivity to December so I’m holding out hope for February in Dayton!!