Friday, December 16, 2005

Photos of Mitrovica

It's early morning (1:30) - I waited once again for the power to come on. Apparently Maria's house is in the bad grid. As far I can understand, there's some kind of "power caste" system in place. And it only makes it worse if you pay your electricity bill - then the company assumes you have money, and hikes up your rate.

Today I went with Isaac and Luli to the cultural center - patrolled by the French troops. Once we passed the check point, we filmed Luli leading an advocacy meeting. Kids from rural villages bussed in for the meeting, to learn how to meet their own needs, that Luli asked them to identify. The two groups decided they would work to get 100 chairs needed for their schools, and to start a computer lab. Next, they work on defining the activities they need to complete to do so, and begin work on project proposals. The kids were packed into the narrow room, as you can see in the pictures. I provided the entertainment as I attempted to sneak out, wearing my giant puffy parka that either suffocated half the class, or smashed into the mini-blinds.

The other pictures are from around the city. The shots of the bridge are from the south (Albanian) side, where I am staying, showing the North side of the city. I'll write more about that later, but most of the city is on the North side, and many Albanians rent homes on the South side, while they're own homes are occupied by Serbs living rent-free. Still many issues like this that I thought would be resolved six years after the war.

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