Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Murphy's Law

I sold my car, and I am heading to Kosovo to live and finish writing the book I began in 2003. The woman who bought Oscar agreed that I could drive him for the next week to finish my time house-sitting and working, and we would complete the sale after Thanksgiving. Provided, of course, there was no further damage to the car.

Perfect timing for Murphy’s Law. The next day, a man opened his car door into traffic, where I happened to be driving. My mirror busted, my car scratched, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I did both - somewhat simultaneously. My car is now in the shop, I am out $500 for my deductible, which I hope will be returned quickly, as the witness and everyone I’ve talked to says the other driver was at fault. Except, of course, for the other driver.

Many people asked whether I thought this might be a form of spiritual warfare. I have never been one to jump to that explanation for bad things in life – my understanding of the world tends towards the view that horrible things happen all the time, because we live in a broken, dark world. Considering the collision, I think that spiritual warfare is something that is constant in our lives. The battle within – how I respond to this, or any frustration or trial, is the true war.

Perspective: As many people pointed out – no one was injured. I will most likely get my deductible back. And I am still on my way to Kosovo! It’s a monetary set back, and I am losing all my last moments with Oscar, who has seen me through a lot, but in the end, most of the situation is out of my control, except for my response to it. And, if this gets me down, how can I expect to find peace and joy and perseverance in Kosovo, when I am dealing with people wounded by war crimes, constant power outages, and squatty potties?

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Isaac said...

Who is Murphy anyway?
He must have been a real schmuck!

I’ll have to find out whose name they use in Kosovo to describe this phenomenon…I think it’s Ichbar’s Law, although I’m not totally sure?